5 Reasons to Own a Quartz Banger

5 Reasons to Own a Quartz Banger


Although most people start off with titanium nails, not everyone sticks with metal to vaporize their concentrates. For some, the metallic taste of titanium and poor representation of the terpenes in cannabis is too overbearing to enjoy the full dabbing experience. Therefore, quartz serves as a great alternative to the standard material for nails. Although there are other types besides quartz and titanium (like ceramic and glass), the two in conversation are the most common amongst dabbers. The quartz club banger was created by Quave, who still provides top of the line products for dabbing, but there has been an increase in reputable competition as of late. Here are five reasons that every user of cannabis concentrates should own and use a quartz club banger:

1. Flavor

One of the major perks to concentrating cannabis is the immense amount of flavor that comes from inhaling its resin. Using a quartz nail at a low temperature along with a carb cap opens up a new world of tasting terpenes, which is one of the major selling points when comparing it to a titanium one. Maintaining the dish is a crucial component to obtaining the fresh taste that comes with taking a dab.

2. Easy To Clean

Quartz is very easy to clean when it comes to proper use. The best way to get the most out of a club banger is to consistently take dabs at a low temperature. Once the concentrates are fully vaporized, clean up whatever is left with a cotton swab or paper towel. If the dab was taken low enough, the nail should return to looking like it did before. If the surface was too hot, the remaining wax would oxidize the quartz, leaving a trace behind of dark buildup.

3. Heat Retention

The problem with glass and old titanium nails is that they don’t seem to hold a temperature very well. The heat retention on quartz varies depending on the thickness that is being used, but club bangers with three millimeter walls or larger will stay hot for a long time. This is useful for people who like to taste their concentrates and make their nails last, because the longer it stays warm, the more time there is to take a dab and use a cotton swab.

4. Restricts Air

Some water pipes for concentrates have too much airflow to take a dab over a long period of time, especially when it comes to larger hits. Quartz bangers are a great way to restrict the airflow to increase the overall function of the glass since most designs feature a small air hole.

5. No Shattering From Too Much Heat

Every type of nail has its pros and cons, but in the end, quartz ends up coming out on top. Titanium can break glass joints from getting stuck, while ceramic breaks if it’s heated in the same spot continuously. The original nails were made of glass, but unfortunately they shatter after getting overheated. The beautiful thing about quartz is that you can get it red hot like you would ceramic, but there’s no need to worry about it breaking from always being heated in the same spot. If a club banger ends up getting dirty because of scorching temperatures or a poor cleaning job, heat it up until it’s red to return it to being clear.

Although quartz is great in terms of cleanliness, flavor representation, heat retention, durability, and keeping the airway clear and restricted, that doesn’t mean that all nails are created equal. It’s important to seek out high quality material to prevent any harm from cheap quartz. Artists like Quave, Evan Shore, Toro, and Dark Crystal glass are all trustworthy options when it comes to quartz bangers, so be sure to research before purchasing one down the line.

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